JAN. 27 Zig Zag Paris France
FEB. 3 EOS Lounge Santa Barbara United States
FEB. 4 Bang Bang San Diego United States
FEB. 10 Velvet Underground Toronto Canada
FEB. 11 HiFi Club Calgary Canada
FEB. 15 La Cave Costa Mesa United States
FEB. 16 Q Seattle United States
FEB. 17 Verso San Francisco United States
FEB. 18 Webster Hall New York United States
FEB. 21 Beauty Bar las vegas United States
FEB. 22 Bar Standard Denver United States
FEB. 23 Tier Orlando United States
FEB. 24 Coda Philadelphia United States
FEB. 25 Magic Stick Detroit United States
MAR. 3 Newspeak Montreal Canada
MAR. 4 Spybar Chicago United States
MAR. 10 Tba Grenoble France
APR. 7 Tba Los Angeles United States
APR. 8 Phoenix Lights Festival Phoenix United States
APR. 29 Ceremony Festival - Main Stage London United Kingdom
MAY. 5 Middlelands Festival Texas Renaissance Fair Grounds Todd Mission United States




To the point now Sirus Hood is a French artist who grew up in Paris. From the age of 10 years old when older friends would pass him mixtapes recorded in underground clubs of the time, he imagined an amazing world, dark but with flashing colours. “In my head it was like a Disneyland I’d never been to but I wanted to get there.” He managed to start playing gigs in the Parisian warehouse scene making his own mixtapes. It was a childhood dream that has become a reality for him. “I was finding the Disneyland but the music was better!” He laughs! His music is influenced widely from classic New York House to the 80s’ Chicago Hip House movement from warehouse / loft parties to the whole Balearic sounds of Ibiza.


His biggest tracks on the likes of Dirtybird and CUFF are great examples of what he is about. House music through and through Sirus Hood emits an infectious energy of enjoyment on the dance floor. Never one to shy away from a show to a knowing crowd, his work ethic is second to none.

DJ residencies in Sankeys Ibiza with CUFF for the seasons 2014 and 2015, various venues in London and Showcase in Paris gave him a platform and opened doors to wider audiences all around the globe. From Europe to Brazil, from Australia to South Africa, Russia to North America, passing by the middle east, his travel patterns underline his ability to work with different crowds and cultures while illustrating his cosmopolitan, universal side. To him – music is one language and unit.


When Sirus Hood isn’t on the road, he spends most of his time in his ‘laboratory’ like a scientist to his music! He satiates his hunger of knowledge through research of new sounds. He challenges himself on every new track with different recipes. In the end, his goal is to produce tracks that sound different from each other.

After refusing to do social media when the project started, he insisted on building his audience purely through the music and word of mouth first. Once these foundations were built he opened his socials with an instantly huge response from the public. A testament to his following.


His work is regularly supported by big names in house music like Amine Edge & DANCE (CUFF), Claude VonStroke and Justin Martin (Dirtybird) who affiliated him to their respective labels. He frequently appears in the Beatport charts.


Sirus Hood is heavily followed on his Soundcloud where most of his mixes are recorded and posted


Sirus Hood is never one to take the ever changing scene for granted since day one and he is living his childhood adventures to the fullest… He found his Disneyland. Where next?!